Finally, an update!

Been a good week and a good weekend, got quite a lot of things done; been working on a PHP-based DNS manager that synchronises with other servers, and some gallery code and it’s all gone quite well. Though, I am slightly fed up with Javascript!

Other than that, had a pretty good weekend, met up with Kirkingham and did some videoing in Clacton Pier. Never realised how great my Fujifilm Finepix F10 is at recording video – happily does 30fps even when on the Techno Frog ride! I do have the video. I may post it if I can edit it properly (and get permission).

Feeling pretty rubbish today though. No idea why, had a nice sleep and a lie in, got a few bits done today, and spoken to a few friends, but actually feeling really low, quite sick and really quite down. Hopefully it won’t last, but I don’t know what to do in this kinda situation. Meh.

Take it easy everyone

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