BT Complaint to CEO

Dear Sir,

I am honestly at the end of my tether, emailing you is my last option is that I hope that I might finally get a response.

I am a NEW CUSTOMER. I have no been without a telephone and internet connection for five days, that an engineer may come in 5 days time, and that there is no known time for how long before you connect me.

Obviously; please do NOT email me back – I cannot access my email. Please call me on [number redacted].

Trying to call your team puts me through to a call center, who ignore everything I say – and tell me that there is no problem on my line; and put me through to faults.
I know this is not the case, your UK management team told me so. Of course, I have no way to contact them directly.

I’ll explain the course of events so far;

Wednesday 29th June – I call to arrange a my telephone being connected and to also connect my broadband at the same time. I’m given a date of the 11th July.
I then call my broadband supplier (Eclipse) and am told I need a DFQ number before broadband can go live.
I phone BT back and ask for this number. I am told I didn’t ask specifically enough for a ‘Simultaneous Transfer’ and have to cancel the order and start again.
This also cancels my appointment, but I given the 18th by Stuart.

I do not know the exact terms that your team use! I complain and Ranjit (Stuart’s Supervisor), manages to get a date of the 6th July. I rejoice.

Wednesday 6th July – I move in (very early so I am on time for Openreach) and wait for an engineer to arrive. Engineer does not arrive.
I receive a text message saying that an Engineer did not need to come to my property (so I woke up at 5am for nothing).
I call your normal 0800 number, am told there is no problem, and must be with me. I explain that no engineer came here.
A fault is reported and I am told an Engineer would be sent out Thursday morning instead.

I’m also told that if it is found that the problem is with my line; I will be charged £130.
I argue this, since I am already paying £130 for connection; and no engineer even turned up.

Thursday 7th July – I wait for an engineer to arrive at 8am again, one day after moving house. Engineer does not arrive.
I call up again, many many times and no-one seems to even know of the fault at all.
Many phone calls later and I am told that no Engineer was even sent.

I am told that Mr. Tusumo would call me back later that day.
No-one calls back.

I call back, and no-one has even heard of Mr. Tusumo, and no-one is aware of any problems on my line.
After many more calls I am put through to a ‘supervisor’ – Pratiksha – who said she would call me back the next day.

Friday 8th July
Pratiksha does not call back

I call again and surprisingly am put through to Ranjit again! Finally he looks into the problem, and then goes home.
I’m given a call by Atmed that I do need an engineer, no-one from Openreach has connected me, and the earliest he can do so is next Saturday.

I’m very unhappy since this is now 10 days from when Ranjit said my line would be installed.

Saturday 9th July – I call again on the number Pratiksha gives me to check this is all okay and to ask for some compensation or access to BT Fon/Openzone.
It turns out to be the same number, apart from this time it costs me 45p/min to call.

I ask to speak to someone about the on-going problem with my phone line.
I am told that “there are no problems on my line, I will put you through to report a new fault”.

I explain that he obviously does not have access to all the notes on my accounts, and could he put me through to their UK team.
I’m told that there is no UK team, but someone would call me back.

Sunday 10th July
No-one calls back! No-one responds to my emails or phone calls. I begin misplacing marbles.


  • It seems your call center team is NOT aware of any problems on my line.
    • I’m simply put through to report a new fault every time, despite other teams knowing about the problem
  • I’ve been told all of the following from different people;
    • the order went through, but is not activated
    • the line is active, but not provisioned
    • openreachs’ website says the order is not finished
    • my phone line is active, and there are no problems and do I want to report a fault
  • Your management team is aware of a problem, but I cannot contact them in any way, and they refuse to give out a direct number
  • I have been told it is Openreach who has not connected me at the exchange – and that an engineer will be coming next Saturday.
    • Given that three engineers have not turned up already, I’m not convinced that anyone will arrive
    • This will be 17 days after I placed my order before anyone even looks at it
    • No-one can tell me when my phone line may work

That leaves me:

  • unable to make any phone calls without hanging out of my upstairs window
  • my only method of internet is hanging a 3G dongle on a mop handle out of the window, and constantly refreshing pages
  • I am completely unable to contact you and find out the status of my problem
  • I am spending lots of money on needless phone calls because your staff refuse to call back
  • my problem will not even be looked at until next week
  • no-one even seems to know what the problem is, and instead are just throwing engineers at the problem, who don’t turn up

I realise I have no choice but to wait for your company; since you have such a monopoly on the phone lines.

However, I’ve paid a lot of money to be connected and this is not happening. I am now without a phone line for more than 10 days, and will soon have to go back home to my parents (over 100 miles away) just to be able to live.

Please can you get someone to call me urgently and;

  • explain what the problem is – is it your sales staff, openreach, or a problem here?
  • give me a number I can call, to a team who is aware of the problem (and doesn’t tell me there is no issue)
  • fix my phone line as an urgent matter

I would appreciate some sort of compensation for paying £130 for an engineer not to turn up three times.

I would also appreciate some compensation for the work that I cannot do.
I’m losing £125 a day from my customers, for the minimum of ten days you say this may take, I am out of pocket by £1250, plus the cost of telephone calls to BT using my mobile phone. One month line rental does not even come close to how much you’ve cost me.

I would also appreciate access to BT Openzone or BT Fon, so at least I can check my emails for urgent problems.

I have been VERY patient with BT but I am honestly now at the end of my tether.

My last option with BT is that I hope that I might finally get a response by contacting you directly.



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