Twitter Tools

I’ve been using Alex King’s fantastic Twitter-Tools plugin. Unfortutely it’s broken in WordPress 2.7.1 (and probably 2.5 and above). The category list doesn’t appear properly, so Tweets are put into the Uncategorised category.

I have found his SVN, which does seem to have an updated version, but before I found it, I ended up fixing it myself. My fix is based on Version 1.6, 2009-02-18, with only the category problem fixed. It seems to work fine for me, but the SVN is probably best for most people.

If you’d prefer my version, you can get a syntax-highlighted version here, or the plain text version here.  However, you’re probably better off going to and trying his SVN version!

Thanks to Alex for a great plugin!

  1. Nice work mate, glad to see you got it up and running 🙂
    Trust you to tweek the programming lol