RAID Array – 2

Well, all the bits finally turned up! I haven’t actually much yet apart from making a few decisions, and taking a few pictures:

  • Can’t run my backup on Windows XP x86 – it doesn’t support more than 2TiB, so looking at a second Linux box. For the moment, my backups are going on the 3 separate 1TB drives I already have.
  • XFS seems great, but doesn’t care about bad blocks. Similar with JFS, although I haven’t been able to find out details. EXT3 seems the best bet, but if the FS goes over 8TiB, I’m going to have trouble
  • Software RAID is better than hardware in some terms – specifically in diagnosis. You can actually check temperature and SMART status per drive.
  • oh, and with hardware, you can’t span an array across multiple controllers
  • There’s a way to automatically check for Bad Blocks – see here
  • MDRaid seems to be the best way for software RAID
  • Fill all the drives with data, and randomly corrupt sdX and mdX, see if it can cope – and randomly remove one drive, see what happens

Ok, on with the geek pr0n. Enjoy some pictures of what I’ve got so far. Very impressed with the case too actually!

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  2. Oooh, shiny đŸ™‚ Best of luck with it, hope it helps to brighten your spirits!

  3. Thank you so much Rich! You wouldn’t believe how much of a better mood I am in today!

    I forgot to mention, I just bought a APC Back-UPS as well, apparently supported on Gentoo! It’s all made me a little moist!

    I do love being a geek sometimes!